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"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."
                                                                                                           – Aldous Huxley.

Within these lines lie the founding principles of Silence Entertainment: Nepal's premiere entertainment business group with core expertise in audio & visual production; distribution & retail and event management since 2008.

Mr. Bikrant Shrestha, MD of Silence Entertainment elucidates that being a musician and having worked with music communities around the world, especially in Europe, the basis of Silence Entertainment was to share his experiences, knowledge and passion with the Nepalese entertainment community.

From the very beginning, our priority has always been of creating a platform and process to elevate the local standard, comparable or competent, to international level. Such ideals have obligated us to visualize with creativity on turnkey production and event projects, devising niche concepts with focus on delivering the technical and logistical needs of our clients and audience without any compromise on quality.

Bikrant Shrestha

Silence Entertainment primarily focuses on 2 core areas: Audio/Visual & People (AVP).

Within and between the 2 areas, with our subsidiary companies and departments, we manage, translate and transfer our technical expertise in the field of:

•  Production  •  Distribution*  •  Retail  •  Merchandising  •  Rental

* Sole authorized distributor for LANEY AMPLIFICATION, UK in Nepal.

•  Events  •  Resource & Talent Management

We are proud to be the sole authorized distributor of Laney Amplification, UK in Nepal. It is an association of distinction that truly sets us apart from any other local music store.

Despite a considerate consumer base and stringent competition, through our partnership since 2010, we have made significant progress in consolidating the brand LANEY in the Nepalese market. We aim to make the presence of LANEY evident in any amplified audial environment; from bars, cafes and conferences to live performances.

We also owe the progress of our development to the principle of working for the local music community from within. Like the founder of LANEY, Tone Music Store's foundations are based on its promoters being musicians themselves. This has been valuable in keeping close ties within the Nepalese entertainment network. Tone Music Store, in partnership with LANEY, has and will always value the presence of Nepalese talent and serve the purpose of catering towards the enhancement of the local musical and entertainment fraternity.

Authorized distributors and representatives in Nepal for the following brands.