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SILENCE FESTIVAL is the trademark event created and managed by Silence entertainment. Since 2010, Silence festival has been annually enthralling the Nepalese audience with international acts such as VADER, MOTHEROCKER GANG, HELMUT and other hardcore metal bands. In such short span of time, Silence Festival has become a staple and the most anticipated hardcore metal event in the Nepali entertainment calendar.

As an event management company, we promote and manage music festivals, concerts and events of any scale. Promoting foreign acts demands the highest level of attention to detail and planning. To every event, we have successfully delivered with out-of-the-box creativity, logistics and technical assistance.

Like Silence Festival, our philosophy is to integrate ourselves and local talents with global performance on a singular platform, to learn and experience, with the opportunity to upgrade to international level.

WORKSHOPs are an integral itinerary of Silence Entertainment. Through Tone Music Store, we conduct regular informal sessions to enhance musical and technical perspectives of professional and amateur artists. Consolidating on the idea of having a platform to exchange knowledge and experience, we firmly believe in developing a local musical fraternity with universal experience.

Mathias AI Eklund and Guido Wyss are international artists that have graced our workshops with their esteemed presence.

We share the passion for music with our customers and friends on unequivocal terms, with an intention of making Tone Music Store a meeting point of professionals and amateurs to share and exchange musical experiences.

For every musical aspiration, we believe in motivating through technical proficiency and creative flair. Time and again, we feature internationally renowned artists. Guido Wyss, a virtuoso drummer of Commando Noise Terror has been a regular in our itinerary. Mathias AI Eklund has expended extensive, yet illuminating sessions as a part of LANEY AMPLIFICATION, UK promotion. Our workshops maintain an informal environment in close proximity with the artist, giving more room for up-close and personal sessions.

Tone Music Store aims to create a local and at some point, a global musical fraternity with a firm belief of affecting and enriching home-grown talents.

View our upcoming Workshop Sessions at Tone Music Store.

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