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Silence Studio, since 2008 has always pursued on its goal to amplify the creative resonance of both local and international artistes in Nepal.

In the world of audio and visual arts, we aim to provide the right audial platform catering towards any creative impulse of professional and amateur artistes; and production houses. Our creative directors, have the experience of working on feature films adding value to any post-production work: be it either video editing, mixing or musical arrangement.

In terms of production value, our core expertise lies in understanding, assisting and investing in the needs of both the performer and the audience.

Throughout the recording process, we at Silence Studio always insist upon defining and maintaining high quality sound. Our objective is to create a recording environment with optimum acoustics justly suited to the demands and requirement of the artist or producer within the studio.

Our recording, mixing and post-production expertise is based on the enhanced experience of our certified sound engineers and technicians; having worked with international and home-grown musicians at Silence Studio. While working on continually upgraded and fully integrated Digital Audio Workstations, we have the capability to deliver world-class solutions for live, dubbing, playback and voice-over sessions.

We are always encouraged by the creativity of the people we work with. Such partnership compels us to be imaginative and experiment on the style of sound and quality also. Through our foreign network of accomplished sound engineers, ideas and experiences are exchanged on regular basis through workshops and training sessions to gain global perspectives on music and audio technology.

Sound, Lights & Practice Room

Every artist demands the best output of sound quality to their performance. In terms of live outdoor and indoor sessions, every professional knows the importance of balancing sound quality with the ambience to deliver an outstanding concert or event.

Having an extensive inventory of live performance equipment and instruments, we provide access to audio systems with uncompromising sound system setup expertise. Silence Studio Rentals is readily available to deliver total live performance and audio solutions, of both domestic and international standards, for events of any scale.

For all bands or session artist, Silence Studio has Practice Rooms available for hire on hourly basis.